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How much "Bible" is taught at MCA?

MCA is an educational ministry, offering an educational academy which holds certain aspects and expectations of a school. However, we are not just a school, but more so we are an extension of the body of Christ with the mandate to instruct children in the way that they should go from a biblical standpoint. As a family support-based educational ministry, we are always...

  • Teachers of His word in all that we do and all subjects we teach!

  • In submission to Jesus Christ, Our Savior and His infallible word

  • Considerate of the children’s needs and to the needs of the families

  • Spirit-led in all decisions as a Board for the short-term and long-term

  • Disciples of love, truthfulness, and humility as a school community

  • Builders and encouragers of soldiers for Christ!

What if my student struggles to learn?

Private education is not only for the academically talented or challenged but for all children. We are simply a place of learning for those who want to learn about Jesus and Bible-based academics. We also believe that when Jesus is included front and center of all that we do, we can believe His Word when He says He will renew the mind as we fully rely on Him in all that we do. No matter the circumstances coming in... we truly believe that ALL things are possible with God!

  • The average achiever can succeed with a desire to learn and with appropriate parent encouragement, tutoring, and support.

  • The under achiever can succeed if both the desire and parent support are increased with a willingness to possibly remediate when necessary.

  • The high achiever can also be given opportunity to excel and surpass abilities when desire and focus exist.

What will be done for students who are talented or in higher level coursework? Likewise, what about students who received resource time in their previous school setting?
All students will be tested with a diagnostic placement testing to assure where we place the child in their coursework level/grade. We can also request recommendations and feedback from the child's current teacher as they prepare to transition into our private school setting where the curriculum does not directly align with what is being taught in the public school system.  The child could be placed in a grade level above or possibly behind where they have been based on this testing and feedback. One of our goals is to setup your child for success and hopefully restore some learning gaps that may have impacted your child especially in the last two academic years. At this time, we will not have the additional funding to offer an additional teacher for gifted and talented services and/or resource services. NOTE: If the parent would like to hire additional tutoring services, we may be able to setup the service on site as part of the school day. Contact our director in this case.

Will there be a dress code?
Yes, we will have a dress code which is described in our student handbooks based on biblical modesty. We will not require uniforms, yet we will have firm dress requirements we ask all families to adhere to as we teach our children to respect their bodies as well as respect for others.

Other common questions that are not addressed here will be answered in the related pages. Also, you are welcome to contact us for any questions or comments.

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